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  1. Γενικά Θέματα Θάλασσας και Ναυτιλίας

    1. Ξύλινα Τείχη

      Μπορεί τα πολεμικά πλοία να μην είναι πια ξύλινα, αλλά είναι το ίδιο απαραίτητα όσο τότε.

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    3. Πληρώματα

      Οι άνθρωποι κάνουν τα πλοία
      (κάθε τι σχετικό με τα πληρώματα)

    4. Ναυτικά Ατυχήματα

      ναυάγια, προσαράξεις, αβαρίες, πυρκαγιές συγκρούσεις και κάθε παρόμοιο ατύχημα σε κάθε τύπο πλοίου.

    5. Λιμάνια και ρότες

      Πως να μιλάς για καράβια και να μη μιλάς για λιμάνια;

    6. Λοιπά Ναυτιλιακά

      Θεματα γνωσεων- παιχνιδια-συνδεσμοι και οτι αλλο εχει σχεση με Ναυτιλια και δεν εντασσεται παραπάνω

  2. Ποντοπόρος Ναυτιλία

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      Οι πραγματικοί εφοπλιστές

    3. Ποντοπόρος για όλους

      Ό,τι αφορά την ποντοπόρο και την ευρύτερη ναυτιλία

  3. Κρουαζιέρα, Kρουαζιερόπλοια και Eπιβατηγά σκαριά

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    2. Κρουαζιερόπλοια

      Cruise comes from crusade!

    3. Παλιά Κρουαζιερόπλοια και Υπερωκεάνεια

      Πλοία που δεν ταξιδεύουν πια

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  4. Ακτοπλοΐα

    1. Εταιρείες & πλοιοκτήτες

      Ούτως ή άλλως απαραίτητοι

    2. Δρομολόγια και γραμμές

      Κουβέντα για πλοία χωρίς κουβέντα για τους προορισμούς δεν γίνεται.

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  5. Ιστορίες με Πλοία και Πλοία με Ιστορία

    1. Ιστορικά Quiz

      Όταν τα πλοία γράφουν ιστορία...

    2. Η Ιστορία δεν είναι μόνο quiz

      Απορίες, πληροφορίες, στοιχεία και κάθε τι που αφορά πλοία που έχουν εμπλακεί σε ιστορικά γεγονότα.

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  6. Πρώτη Σελίδα

    1. Ναυτιλιακά Νέα

      Τρέχοντα σημαντικά γεγονότα που αφορούν την θάλασσα

    2. Τα νέα του shipfriends.gr

      Ο,τι αφορά την κύρια ιστοσελίδα

    3. News in English

      Shipfriendly news in English

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      Ό,τι αφορά το Ναυτικό μας Πολιτισμό

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    • Well, Iliopoulos has a very doubtfull history and profile to say the least. Remember the stories about the hijacking of the BRILLANTE VIRTUOSO in 2011, the fire on the ELLI in 2009 and the sinking of the IRON ANTONIS in 1994. It was also Iliopoulos that tried last year to get the route(s) of the Superspeed and Supercat from Golden Star refused.  Leaving Anafi to its own for some time last year with putting the Aqua Jewel on a charter in the Azores was absolutely not one of the nice things he does for the islands as he claims. It's already 2 years he is promising more connections for Syros but they are still waiting for them. In fact it's becoming countless the number of promises he has made over a number of years. Promises from which none have been fulfilled. I am a (very) regular user of Greek ferry's but the one company I always try to avoid is Seajets. And as a friend in Ios told me last year:"I wouldn't even trust Seajets to deliver my post." Strange is that some object to the morning sailing times from Rafina from Golden Star. Their request on the Rafina to Naxos route was precisely to avoid congestion in Rafina in the morning as they planned to sail from Naxos or Paros in the morning and in the afternoon from Rafina. Trough his actions of the last couple of years it is clear that Illiopoulos wants to create a monopoly for Seajets and apparently he gets (some) backing now from the ND politicians/minister.
    • You owe me one Billy, for having me listen to 20 minutes of him .   In principle the(monologue) of Marios Iliopoulos had to do with the specifics of the complaints that Golden Star and Fast Ferries are expressing about the incomplete approval of their routeing/scheduling programme by the Minister. On one hand he is defending Seajets on the Anafi issue, claiming that last year they did not let the island down as claimed by removing the Aqua Jewel from service because "she had to do her annual survey", regardless if she ended up in the Azores. On the other hand he is defending the decisions of the Minister basically, claiming in essence that both above mentioned companies are breaking the law(for procedural reasons) and also that should their plans be approved, they would be creating havoc in the -jokes of- ports concerned. Finally he went on to remind the audience of all the nice things Seajets does for the islands, claiming that for them the Aegean ferry service is not a business, but rather a passion. A very profitable passion from the looks of it, I ought to add.    All in all, his speech was a case-specific one, there was no strategic discussion involved and he did not disclose anything we did not know already. A pity if you ask me, for the journalist who took the interview. When you have a guy like that on line, you should be probing into other higher level stuff as well. What I did find entertaining is that at the beginning of the interview he makes a point of clarifying he is not the owner but rather the "director of strategic planning" of Seajets. But of course when he lets himself go during the interview, the tone and the ownership of the way he speaks, leave no doubt about who owns the pocket the money goes in, at the end of the day. The usual hide and seek game, behind legal entities and business titles. 
    • What did he talk about as not understanding Greek Panagia? 
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