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  1. Γενικά Θέματα Θάλασσας και Ναυτιλίας

    1. Ξύλινα Τείχη

      Μπορεί τα πολεμικά πλοία να μην είναι πια ξύλινα, αλλά είναι το ίδιο απαραίτητα όσο τότε.

    2. 4,545
    3. Πληρώματα

      Οι άνθρωποι κάνουν τα πλοία
      (κάθε τι σχετικό με τα πληρώματα)

    4. Ναυτικά Ατυχήματα

      ναυάγια, προσαράξεις, αβαρίες, πυρκαγιές συγκρούσεις και κάθε παρόμοιο ατύχημα σε κάθε τύπο πλοίου.

    5. Λιμάνια και ρότες

      Πως να μιλάς για καράβια και να μη μιλάς για λιμάνια;

    6. Λοιπά Ναυτιλιακά

      Θεματα γνωσεων- παιχνιδια-συνδεσμοι και οτι αλλο εχει σχεση με Ναυτιλια και δεν εντασσεται παραπάνω

  2. Ποντοπόρος Ναυτιλία

    1. 5,008
    2. Εταιρείες Ποντοπόρου

      Οι πραγματικοί εφοπλιστές

    3. Ποντοπόρος για όλους

      Ό,τι αφορά την ποντοπόρο και την ευρύτερη ναυτιλία

  3. Κρουαζιέρα, Kρουαζιερόπλοια και Eπιβατηγά σκαριά

    1. 1,438
    2. Κρουαζιερόπλοια

      Cruise comes from crusade!

    3. Παλιά Κρουαζιερόπλοια και Υπερωκεάνεια

      Πλοία που δεν ταξιδεύουν πια

    4. 618
    5. 302
  4. Ακτοπλοΐα

    1. Εταιρείες & πλοιοκτήτες

      Ούτως ή άλλως απαραίτητοι

    2. Δρομολόγια και γραμμές

      Κουβέντα για πλοία χωρίς κουβέντα για τους προορισμούς δεν γίνεται.

    3. 115,861
    4. 5,562
  5. Ιστορίες με Πλοία και Πλοία με Ιστορία

    1. Ιστορικά Quiz

      Όταν τα πλοία γράφουν ιστορία...

    2. Η Ιστορία δεν είναι μόνο quiz

      Απορίες, πληροφορίες, στοιχεία και κάθε τι που αφορά πλοία που έχουν εμπλακεί σε ιστορικά γεγονότα.

    3. 31
  6. Πρώτη Σελίδα

    1. Ναυτιλιακά Νέα

      Τρέχοντα σημαντικά γεγονότα που αφορούν την θάλασσα

    2. Τα νέα του shipfriends.gr

      Ο,τι αφορά την κύρια ιστοσελίδα

    3. News in English

      Shipfriendly news in English

    4. Eκδηλώσεις & Γεγονότα

      Ό,τι αφορά το Ναυτικό μας Πολιτισμό

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    • The European Commission launched infringement proceedings by sending letters of formal notice to Greece and Italy for being in violation of EU rules protecting rights of passengers. Ferry Companies, have government backing on this
    • @George...f & @Champion Jet_2 Thank you for your replies - so far Golden Star does not reply ... really frustrating as it seems they do not want to refund... Kind regards, Dominik
    • LAST UPDATE: 01.07.2020   PIRAEUS MAIN PORT Celebrity Constellation | Visiting for crew change and supplies since 30.06.2020. Celestyal Crystal | Laid up, since 18.11.2019. Celestyal Olympia | Laid up, since 18.11.2019. Champion Jet 1 | Laid up. Hellas Liberty | Former Liberty ship, in static use as a floating Museum. Plans to relocate her, under way. Hellenic Highspeed | Laid up, since 23.09.2019. Highspeed 4 | Laid up, since 01.10.2019. Santorini Palace | Laid up, since 15.10.2019. Superexpress | Laid up. Superunner | Laid up, since 29.10.2019.   FLISVOS/FALIRO (NEAR PIRAEUS) Anna Maru | Laid up. Averof Battleship | Balkan Wars & WWI Veteran| Floating Museum Cosmos | Laid up. Kassandra Delfinous | Laid up, since 30.09.2019. Neraida | Floating Museum | Saronic Islands veteran. Open to the public again.   DRAPETSONA REPAIR DOCK (NEOS MOLOS DRAPETSONAS) Alexandra L | Laid up, since 09.06.2019. Aqua Solution | Laid up Armenistis (ex- CTMA Vacancier) | Preparing to commence sailings in Greece. Champion Jet 2 | Laid up. Express Pegasus | Laid up. Red Star I | Laid  up, since 14.11.2019. Smyrna | Under refit since 27.06.2019.   KERATSINI REPAIR DOCKS Gemini | Laid up, since 18.10.201 Navtilvs (ex-Issham Al Baher) | On-going fitting out. Naxos Jet | Laid up. Superfast XI | Fitting out her scrubber. Symi | Winter lay up, since 15.10.2019.   PERAMA Antigoni (ex Poseidonas) | Landing Craft Type Ferry | New ferry for Saronic Ferries | Under major refit Atlantis (ex Atlantic) | Under repairs, since 11.09.2019. Ayshe | Laid up, since 24.05.2019. Azores Express (ex Aeolos, ex Moby Love) | Laid up. Ekaterini P | Laid up since 04.04.2019 after major damage on Main Engine. New engine being fitted. Eleftherios Venizelos | Laid up.  Erkyna (ex Saronic Round) | Day Cruises Ship | Laid up. Flying Dolphin Hariklia | Laid up.  Kalli P | Laid up.  Kriti I | Laid up, since 01.11.2019 | Morocco Sun (ex Le Rif) | Laid up, since 17.10.2019. Platytera ton Ouranon | Laid up, since 10.09.2018. Rigel II | On drydock Superspeed (ex-Krilo Eclipse) | Laid up since 26.07.2019 after major damage on Main Engine. New engine being fitted. Trinacria II | Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction, for Blue Line Italy. Zakynthos I | Idle, since 13.03.2018 | Awaiting her fate.   SALAMINA (ALL DOCKS AND YARDS) Agia Marina Aiginis | Laid up. Aiolos Kenteris I | Sold on auction to ANEN Lines Aiolos Kenteris II | Laid up. Caldera Vista | Laid up since 13.10.2019. Cat I (ex Alkyoni) Under Repairs since 12.07.2019. Damianos (ex- Dami) | Under refit European Star | Laid up. Flying Cat 3 | On drydock Giannis S (ex Hydra I) | Under refit Hermes | Under conversion for service in Greek waters since 27.06.2020. Ithaki Diamond | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Laid Up. Ift (ex-Swift 1) | Engines haven been removed. Ready to meet braker's torch. Panagia Agiasou | Awaiting her fate |Towed to Spanopoulos Yard, after having her anchor chain broken on 18.01.2018. Paros Jet | Laid up, since 01.10.2019. Power Jet (ex Blue Power) | Under major repairs - new engines being fitted Rapidlink Jet | Laid up. Rena S II | Idle at Agios Nikolaos dock, since 17.10.2019. Sea Star | Laid up. Shareholders in legal action, against each other. Speed Cat I | Laid up. Taxiarchis | Towed from Lavrio to Spanopoulos Yard, on 31.07.2018. Awating her fate. Thunder (ex Turgut Özal) | Laid up. Cat I (ex Alkyoni) Under Repairs since 12.07.2019.   ELEFSINA / ELEFSIS BAY Arsinoi | Rusting away partly submerged, at Elefsina Bay anchorage Evgenia P (WW II Veteran) | Rusting away, partly submerged and burnt. Kamelia | Rusting away partly submerged. Mediterranean Sky | Rusting away partly submerged. Mytilene | Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage. Penelope A | Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage.  Portokali | Day Cruises Ship | Laid up. Samos Spirit |Laid up. Languishing. Theofilos | Sold on auction to ANEN Lines   CHALKIDA (CHALKIS YARDS @ AVLIDA) Artemis I K | Day Cruises Ship | Laid up. Crown Iris | Laid up. Golden Iris | Laid up. High Speed Jet | Laid up. Hydra Cat | Laid up for ages. Ilion | Laid up Mega Jet | Winter lay up, since 25.09.2019. Milos Round I |Day Cruises Ship | Laid up. Samos Flying Solphin I | Languishing for years, high and dry at Avlida. Sea Speed Jet | Laid up. Spetses Cat | Laid up for ages. Tera Jet | On drydock.   RODOS (RHODES) Ibiscus | Laid up. King Saron | Winter lay up, since 03.11.2019. Nikolaos X | Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up, since 10.11.2019. Panagia Skiadeni | Winter lay up, since 10.11.2019. Ibiscus | Laid up. Symi II | Winter lay up, since 30.10.2019. Zeus D | Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up, since 14.10.2019.   VOLOS  Okyalos Double | Ended Ferry | Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.   ALEXANDROUPOLIS Saonisos | Laid up.     KATAKOLON Golden Bridge | Laid up.   AIGIO Panagia Trypiti (ex Seahorse | Landing craft bought back from Malta-Arrived at Aigio 23.11.2019. Rigel I | Winter lay up, since 09.09.2019   KISSAMOS Aristovoulos V | Winter lay up, since 04.10.2019. Balos | Winter lay up, since 09.10.2019. Balos Express| Winter lay up, since 31.10.2019. Black Pearl | Winter lay up, since 21.09.2019. Chryssi Express | Winter lay up, since 18.09.2019. Evdokia | Winter lay up, since 04.10.2019. Gramvousa | Winter lay up, since 18.10.2019. Gramvousa Express | Winter lay up, since 23.10.2019. Porto Gramvousa | Winter lay up, since 30.10.2019. Spirit of Athos | Winter lay up, since 27.09.2019.   SOUDA (CHANIA PORT) Agia Roumeli | Winter lay up, since 01.11.2019. Chania III | Winter lay up, since 16.10.2019. Daskalogiannis | Winter lay up, since 23.11.2019. Kalypso | Winter lay up, since 01.11.2019. Neptune | Winter lay up, since 01.11.2019. Sfakia Pioneer (ex Oniyouzu) | New day cruises ship for ANENDYK| Under conversion)
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