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  1. Rumors are that ANEK Lines will be put up for sale by Piraeus Bank in the (very) near future. Any idea if Attica Group will add ANEK Lines as a whole into their shipping group of companies? Also, what would that mean for the Prevelis? Would they be able to get the new contract for the Karpathos route?
  2. I just had a look at the Almudaina Dos that has been bought apparently by the new Horizon Sea Lines from Crete. It looks like she has been laid up lots of time in her 25 year history. Dec 1999 -> April 2000 / Jan 2003 -> April 2003 / Sept 2003 -> May 2004 / August 2005 -> June 2006 / Sep 2009 -> Sep 2014 / Sep 2015 -> Jan 2018 / Sep 2019 -> Now
  3. Any idea who will take over IF the Prevelis loses her current route? Maybe Seajets with the Superstar?
  4. She's on her way to the scrapyard it seems. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:213387/mmsi:620871000/imo:7330040/vessel:AQUA_MYTH
  5. I never had any problem taking pictures inside different ferries over the years. But I use a small camera. Maybe that's why.
  6. Golden Star Ferries seems to have found a replacement for Superferry II in Japan. https://arxipelagos.gr/silver-queen-τελικά-έρχεται-στην-ελλάδα/
  7. Dominik, See the interior of a LUX cabin on Blue Star 2 on this clip:
  8. That should be Tembladora (Port of Spain), Trinidad and Tobago. The vessel is the CROAZIA JET. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:282092/mmsi:212454000/imo:9140918/vessel:CROAZIA_JET
  9. Another High-Speed Craft is added to the Seajets’ fleet and is on her way to Greece. The ship was purchased from the Venezuelan Golden Sun Petroleum S.A. and renamed SPEED JET. She left the port of El Guamache (Isla Margarita) where she was laid up and currently is seen at the port of Tembladora (Spain) flying the flag of Cyprus. SPEED JET was built in Australia (Austal) in 1996 and served for Scandlines (1996-2000), Ferrymed (2000-2002), SNAV (2002-2015) and Conferry (2015). Her carrying capacity is for 156 cars and 650 passengers. She is a sister ship to Seajets’ POWER JET. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On 26 January 2022, a tender will take place for the Sea Speed Ferries’ OLYMPUS (former ELLI T.). The tender was announced on 22 December 2021 and concern debts to the oil company Revoil. The former Japanese ferry (1976) was brought in Greece by Med Link Lines in 1998 for the Greece-Italy service. She also served for Maritime Way (2004-2006), Endeavor Lines (2006-2011) and Cretan Ferries (2012). She was laid up at Perama when Cretan Ferries went out of business (2012). Sea Speed Lines purchased her at a tender in June 2018 for the Piraeus-Rethimnon line. The ship was out of service since August 2021 and her price is estimated at 600,000 euros.
  10. According Marinetraffic her destination is Aliaga, so probably the breakers yard.
  11. The Aqua Star will be on the Volos-Sporades route from 1st of March according this article: https://skiathoslife.gr/seajets-anoixan-oi-kratiseis-gia-ta-dromologia-volos-v-sporades-me-to-aqua-star-oi-times-ton-eisitirion/
  12. And there is also Aqua Star, Aqua Myth, Aqua Blue. Something tells me some might end up in Aliaga soon.
  13. What is true of the rumours that Seajets is looking to deploy the recently acquired Superferry II (New name Super Star??) on a route in the Western Cyclades or on the Rhodes-Crete-Piraeus route from ANEK?
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