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  1. Hi all Anyone know what the sifnos Jet is carrying out today? I see it left Piraeus Part and 06:12 and heading to Paros? thanks.
  2. Does anyone know why champion jet 1 hast made its itinerary today? it was meant to leave skiathos at 12:15
  3. Panagia at end of the day your right. it’s a harbour and where ships dock. Also just spoken to my dad who worked on them in their previous life in England. he said they had the same issues in Poole Harbour and it’s the fans that run to cool the main engine room down. it’s done so they can work in them.
  4. Why couldn’t champion jet 1 carry on on the lavrio - Kavala like as it’s faster. don’t understand why it needed to swap?
  5. But super runner jet also engine issues itself and down on power. what will cj1 do after on trip?
  6. See it reached 33kn today on test. Now in Pireaus Port. not sure what will from here. anyone in the know?
  7. Just seen on AIS that it currently out on sea trials Hope it is successful
  8. Hi all Had anyone got any updates on this seajets vessel? is it nearing completion on its refit and engine repair.
  9. Is there any truth also in the rumour that seajets are purchasing the Condor Rapide? the sister to champion Jet 1&2
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