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  1. Hi nick agree. But I’d thought it be used instead on one others. Just to give some work on a line. Ie Heraklion Thira. Instead naxos Jet. That all.
  2. I would thought that the power jet would sail this summer as invested a lot of money into it and thought it was ready to go.
  3. What about the Power Jet? just spent a lot of money on it so thought they're want their moneys worth out of it.
  4. Does anyone know if Power Jet going to have its second sea trial anytime soon?
  5. Ive just seen Power Jet is doing the easter period in April so looks as if maybe doing sea trials soon? is there any truth behind that?
  6. Does anyone know when it’s likely the Power Jet will being doing it’s sea trials to test the engines. it must be very soon with the new season not far away. I see it’s active on AIS so that what made me write on here.
  7. Has it been repainted or still got whales on side?
  8. Panagia have you the information as to why champion jet 1 needs to have a trailer rather then power back by itself?
  9. is this ship still due to leave Motril today according to the article
  10. Anybody know where and what champion Jet 2 is up to? See it’s left port of Pireaus this afternoon??
  11. Anybody got any recents picture of the Power Jet now they’re doing the paint work?
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