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  1. Hi all Does anyone known what the future of Almudaina Do? it’s been moored in Almeria for a year and 3 months.
  2. Do you know if that damage has happened since it’s been back in Piraeus or while it was on charter hence had to be towed back
  3. It should be ready it’s done two trials like sifnos Jet did. I hope it will start According to ais it’s destination says Pireaus. it’s crept forward from its position in salamina so could be setting off
  4. Hi nick agree. But I’d thought it be used instead on one others. Just to give some work on a line. Ie Heraklion Thira. Instead naxos Jet. That all.
  5. I would thought that the power jet would sail this summer as invested a lot of money into it and thought it was ready to go.
  6. What about the Power Jet? just spent a lot of money on it so thought they're want their moneys worth out of it.
  7. Does anyone know if Power Jet going to have its second sea trial anytime soon?
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