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  1. See the mega Jet is currently out on sea trials. is there intentions of it going into service soon??
  2. That’s good. Will it be going on sea trials this week before it starts??
  3. I’ve noticed on the Seajets website that it’s been put back to April 15th on the Piraeus syros mykonos Naxos Thira Champion Jet 1 now starting same day on the line champion Jet 2 line.
  4. Ok thank Nikos. Know where that is now. Just not heard of it known as Koros
  5. Any further updates on this ship? Will it continue is journey to Greece?
  6. See today is AIS is active today so hopefully may see some activity on her in not too distant future.
  7. Hi All Any New on when this Vessel be leaving for Greece?
  8. I see on ais that croazia jet has left it’s port where it’s been burth and is on its way to Greece
  9. There is another brother too which is in service on the Gibraltar straight.
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