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  1. Just reading that great. I don’t see why Champion Jet 1 doesn’t continue into November so it can take cars. Be interesting if seajets does change that.
  2. They change the itineraries and ship all then time. I remember the champion jet 2 like this summer was originally meant for champion Jet 1 and mega and it was changed. So have to wait and see nearer the time.
  3. May it be doing an extraordinary route tomorrow instead of the seajet and super jet due to unfavourable weather?? anyone in the know or will weather be ok for tomorrow??
  4. Champion Jet 1 will make last voyage tomorrow Wednesday 13th on the line Sitia - Ag Nikolaos- Santorini and back like Pangia wrote before it heads to Piraeus.
  5. Nikos They need to rewrite all the timings as non of them fit their running speeds. you got to take into count the speeds upon arrival and departure of ports. Busier Loadings etc.
  6. Interesting I was reading the seajets website and reservations system and it says there suppose to be an itinerary for Heraklion - Thira and sitia - ag Nikolaos - Thira on Wednesday to??
  7. Last year they used the Power Jet. Was hoping it may have been Champion Jet 1 as on the line from next week and only started in July
  8. I don’t see why it replacing like for like on that line when it’s brother is already doing that line. it would make more sense to swap it for world champion on the eastern Cyclades instead.
  9. I hope it will eventually it will be the champion jet 1 on the western line as champion Jet 2 already has it line of Piraeus serifos sifnos and milos.
  10. Ok thank yoU Panagia was confused as to why it will be taking over with Hellenic seaways and seajets not continuing with the line.
  11. Isn’t seajets with SuperRunner and champion Jet 1 operating the barren from Sitia to Rhodes?
  12. Champion Jet 1 left Heraklion at 06:30 for Sitia to cover the SuperRunner Jet. on it trip it hit 38kns which is impressive speed.
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