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Queries in English for our non-Greek speaking members.

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Could please advise whats the lastest situation of NISSOS CHIOS and THESEUS?
We heard that your goverment is selling with auction to the buyers right now?
And couldnt find any information on the internet about it.


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Gunaydin efendim,

Since laid-up in Keratsini, the THESEUS had a slight listing to port due to ballasting reasons i suppose. Last February and during a severe storm she listed heavily to port and was in danger of sinking, however divers patched her up and she remained upright without any serious list. Last Saturday afternoon and while driving around the port with a couple of friends, we noticed that the list to port has increased by a few degrees. She is not listing heavily, but there is an obvious difference since the last time we saw her.

Needless to say, that's only an eye-sight observation from a certain distance.

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Hello one question about the ships beeing laid in pireas area, which is the AGIOS SPIRIDON K, is it the known ex CHRYSSH AMMOS III???

Hello there mate,

First of all, this is the suitable space for comments on the Piraeus and outskirts roundup. The AGIOS SPIRIDON K i am referring to is the one you can see in the photo below. The AGIOS SPIRIDON you are referring to is indeed the CHRYSSH AMMOS III and is now in winter lay-up at Drapetsona. As to yr other queries, the AIAS is now in winter lay-up, the APOSTOLOS P is laid-up for sale just in front of the Coast Guard building and finally the former ODYSSEAS II has been renamed ODYSSEE and is now flying the Cambodia flag. She is undergoing repair/conversion at the Megatechnica Shipyards of Perama.


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The initial plans of the company were to add berths in the ship and to operate in Ikaria Samos. But they changed their minds (due to the cost of additional berths??).

Then they seek to operate in Western Cyclades (Kithnos Serifos Sifnos Milos) like last year, and start sailing in early June. But still it is not sure that it will be activated in that service.

The rumors say that it might activate from Rafina Cyclades Crete?? But nothing is certain until the ship starts sailings in June.

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