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  1. I see Express Pegasus was out on sea trials the other day does this mean the owners has found a route for her?
  2. What has happened to Express Pegasus? I see Aqua blue is now on her route.
  3. Has the ''Elyros' broken down ? She has not moved for a few days.
  4. What is the EL. Venizelos up to? On my ship tracker it says she is on her way from Cesme Turkey to Cadiz Spain.
  5. I see the Ionis is on a different route now, which ship/ company is going to take over the Piraeus- Kithira- Antikithira- Kissamos service?
  6. Has the Kydon Palace broken down? She seems to have been in Souda Port for a few days now.
  7. Couple of questions please, On my Marine Traffic ship tracker app I see Nissos Chios and Mykonos have been renamed Blue Star Chios and Blue Star Mykonos is this true or is it the app having a brain storm. Also the Festos Palace is now called Kydon Palace?
  8. Any news about Theofilos? Is she going back into service or headed for the breakers yards?
  9. Why have EKO 3,4 and 5 oil tankers stopped working? They used to be regular visitors to Crete. Theofilos has been sold , is this for scrap or for further service? Many thanks.
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