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  1. She is off the coast of Bangladesh, I have satellite tracking of her. I was thinking this too. Very strange situation.
  2. Any idea why the Searoad Tamar is heading for Bangladesh? Totally opposite way from the Suez Canal.
  3. I see Nearchos is on her way to Lagos Nigeria, has she been sold or is on charter? Thanks.
  4. What will be her route? Probably towed because her engines or gearboxes are being serviced, towing is not a cheap option, I worked for two towing companies.
  5. Two questions please. Any news about Express Pegasus? And is Nearchos going to be working this season?
  6. Thanks Nikos, the Irish Sea can be horrible, I worked on it for many years.
  7. Blue Star 1 on her way to Rosslare , is she on going charter or been sold?
  8. Looks like Aqua Blue had problems last night and had to return to Lavrio.
  9. Any news about Searoad Tamar? Pelagitis proposed replacement
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