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  1. Any news on the damage to Aqua Blues engine(s)? Is the rumour correct that Seajets have bought the Azores Express and renamed her Aqua Star?
  2. I see the Al Salmy 4 ex Express Santorini has been renamed Aqua Mystic does this mean she could be on her way back to Greek waters to continue working or is it just a name change to deliver her to the breakers?
  3. The longer they keep these old ferries in service is good for me, they have character and experience behind them.
  4. What is happening to the El Venizelos? Normally she is on the Piraeus- Chania route this time of year. Maybe because the Elyros has not been chartered out this Summer!
  5. Any update about the potential purchase of Al Samy 4 ( ex Express Santorini) by Seajets?
  6. What has happened to the Olympic? Is she still in service?
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