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  1. Why are the ferries not sailing, are the crews on strike again?
  2. Any news about the fate of Vitsentzos Kornaros?
  3. What route is Anek Lines Asterion II going to do?
  4. Is Elyros going out on charter again this Summer? As I see El Venizelos is taking over on the Chania- Piraeus route.
  5. But will they go to the trouble and considerable expense of doing this work to a ship that is 41 years old?
  6. Anyone know why Nissos Rodos has stopped working? She has been laid up in Perama for a few days now.
  7. I see she was towed out for her final voyage to the graveyard in Turkey yesterday. Goodbye old friend.
  8. Thank you, I cannot find any photos in the forum. Particularly interested in this ship as I have worked on her many times in the past. It's a shame to see her go to the 'graveyard'.
  9. Could anyone tell me the latest news about the Panagia Tinou (ex Hengist) please.
  10. Has the Diagoras been sold or is she been chartered out? Same question about the El Venizelos,
  11. Thank you very much, regarding the Vitsentzos Kornados my friend worked on her for many years and wants me to take some photographs of her before she eventually heads for the big scrapyard in the sky. Yet another question (sorry), I see the 'Mirtidiotissa' has just appeared on the ship tracking site, any news about this ship please?
  12. Does anyone know if and when the Vitsentzos Kornados is starting back on her run? Also I noticed on Live Ships Map AIS a ship now called Sunny ex-Trelleborg has appeared in Piraeus any idea if a local ferry company has bought her?