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  1. Any news about Theofilos? Is she going back into service or headed for the breakers yards?
  2. Why have EKO 3,4 and 5 oil tankers stopped working? They used to be regular visitors to Crete. Theofilos has been sold , is this for scrap or for further service? Many thanks.
  3. I see that another veteran of the sea has been brought out of retirement, I am talking about the ' Olympus', what route is she going to cover? When is Aqua Blue going to start working again? I see she has recently completed a couple of sea trials. And finally (sorry) any news as to the fate of Vitsentzos Kornados? Many thanks.
  4. Thank you. Where is Festos Palace off to then? One site says Malta and another says Algeria? Is there a site where I can get refit/repair information on the Greek Ferries?
  5. Is Express Pegasus under refit? Has Aqua Blue broken down? I see she has stopped working for a few days now.
  6. I see that according to Marine Traffic- Nissos Kefalonia is in dry-dock, what is happening with her? Has another shipping line bought her? Also Nissos Rodos, is she back in the Adriatic for 'good' now? Many thanks.
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