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  1. Might this eventually correspond with the A.N.M.E.Z. rumour? Guess, she would be pretty suitable... But just an idea, oft course. Sorry for replying in English, friends.
  2. Think, it might be NISSOS RODOS as she is very similiar to Asterion II (almost a sister), which already performs quite satisfactory on the line...
  3. Ikarus for Ancona in blue... A bittersweet imagination indeed! Efcharisto poli!
  4. Coming back to Cruise Bonaria, on her way to Greece at this time: Marinetraffic shows her for Piraeus... Imaginable, that we see her changing with the new Knossos Palace (Olympia Palace) a second time - which would make a lot of sense in view of garage capacities, at least? Think, CRUISE BONARIA's garage is significantly smaller than all the candidates of the Grimaldi fleet (1500 vs +/-2000 lm's). I doubt, that this will be enough for Ancona, even in combination with two other vessels...
  5. 30 years of Anonimos Naytiliaki Metaforiki Etairia Zakynthoy! Χρόνια Πολλά, Zanteferries! Solomos & Korais meeting up at Sifnos, 09/2017!

    © Flo L.

  6. just to spin this a little further (if the rumour comes reality)... Why not putting Olbia & Ausonia on the Iraklio line and Olympia & Europa Palace back to Ancona? If they still reach their old speeds (or at least come near), I think, they will be even better, as they are bigger (especially in Pax) and definitely faster... Apart from the sentimental reasons, of course... Also the engravings of their old names still exist, I think... Additionally Cruise Olbia had some problems reaching her speed from time to time in the last years. For Ancona it's hard to cover any delay at all... As for a possible third ship, I'd just like to mention Cruise Smeralda. Think, she has a bigger garage (2200 vs 2000 lm) and can also carry more pax (1528 vs. 1000/1300?) than Zeus... apart from the sentimental reasons of course... IKARUS... 💓 Not sure, if she can still reach her good speeds (27+) from years ago, though...
  7. 1. Europa Palace (for Ancona) 2. Ikarus 3. Aretousa (in my humble opinion the most beautiful one, though) 4. Oceanus 5. Festos Palace (original !!)
  8. 1. DIONISIOS SOLOMOS – well what do you expect!? 😜 made the difficult West all alone, apart from the Covid things without any difficulties, reliable and prompt, often reaching 19 kn and more. Personally I managed eight trips on her this year. 2. SUPERFERRY II – Truly a prince. Still wonderfully maintained (internally and externally), experiencing her second (felt the hundtedth) youth. Bonus: The temporary employment on the long and difficultt barren route - definitely a highlight in her long career. Lucky enough to experience it myself in October. 3. KNOSSOS PALACE – for 20 wonderful years! Marked a new era with speed and luxury. 4. ADAMANTIOS KORAIS – the loveboat: reliably upgrading the Samothraki time - with Greek-made elegance, reliability, speed and social commitment of the company. 5. IONIS – Greek made classic beauty, finally experiencing the Cyclades. Would be even better on the Lavrio-Kea-Kythnos-Serifos-Sifnos-Milos line, I guess...
  9. ANMEZ, because they support the barren (and partly very difficult) islands as well as the inhabitants with theirs needs in the best possible way. Showing responsibilty and reliablility – for years now.
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