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Please find below a compilation of ferries,
cruise ships, fast ferries and other significant ships in the
vicinity of Piraeus categorised according to location.

The list incorporates all such ships that are not in regular service
and their whereabouts/status are not reported in the usual
ferry/cruise sailing schedules and/or port authority websites.
Next to the name of the ship, some short comments indicate
its status. Most recent changes are marked in green colour
and appear so for a number of days. For example, if a ship
sails her departure will be shown in green for a few days
and then she will be deleted.

Updating is done almost in real-time and to the best of knowledge
and ability of various members of this forum and the undersigned.
Note that updates concerning Eleusis and Lavrion due to the distance
from Piraeus are more far between. Enjoy reading!

Edited by proud_ionian

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LAST UPDATE: 02.12.2018



Hellas Liberty | Former Liberty ship, in static use as a floating Museum. Plans to relocate her, under way.

Paros Jet | Winter lay up.

Flying Cat 3 | Winter lay up, since 01.10.2018.

Flying Cat 4 | Winter lay up, since 01.10.2018.

Hellenic Highsped | Winter lay up, since 29.09.2018.

Highsped 4 | Winter lay up, since 29.09.2018.

Santorini Palace (ex-Highspeed 7) | Winter lay up, since 16.10.2018.

Super Runner | Winter lay up, since 09.10.2018.

Naxos Jet | Winter lay up, since 08.10.2018.

Knossos Palace | Back from drydocking, at Sefine Yard Turkey. Ready to resume service.

Golden Express (ex-Portsmouth Express) | Jointly bought by Golden Star Ferries and Fast Ferries, for further deployment in Rafina Cyclades routes. Arrived on 25.11.2018.

Celestyal Olympia | Winter lay up.

Ocean Majesty | Winter lay up.



Battleship Averof | Balkan Wars & WWI Veteran| Floating Museum

Velos | Fromer Hellenic Navy Destroyer | Floating Museum 

Neraida | Floating Museum | Saronic Islands veteran. Open to the public again.

Anna Maru | Winter lay up.



Aqua Solution (ex-Winds Solution) | New Jewel on Seajets Crown.

Zakynthos I | Idle, since 13.03.2018 | Awaiting her fate.

Aqua Blue | Idle since 03.09.2018 | She will take over Lavrio NE Aegean lifeline, for the next three years.

Dionisios Solomos | Idle since 18.09.2018. Many rumours on her future deployment.



Alkyon (ex-Skopelos) | Languishing | Piraeus Port Authority (COSCO Greece), will try to get rid of her.

Navtilvs (ex-Issham Al Baher) | Towed from Lavrio on 26.06.2018 | Continuing fitting out.

Gemini | Winter lay up.

Phivos | Drydocking is over. Winter lay up, since 26.11.2018.

Achaeos | Winter lay up, since 20.11.2018.

Celestyal Crystal | Winter lay up.



European Express | Languishing | Piraeus Port Authority (COSCO Greece), will try, once again, to get rid of her.

Caribbean Galaxy (ex-Minoan Lines Daedalus) | Laid up/Under arrest. Last auction has been cancelled.

Kalli P | Laid up. 

Flying Dolphin Venus I Laid up.

Okeanos 2 | Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction, for Blue Line Italy.

Agios Athanasios | Landing Craft Type ferry | Under major overhaul.

Protoporos XI | Double Ended Ferry | Under construction at Atsalakis yard.

Aeolos (ex-Moby Love) | Towed back from Tuzla Turkey on 15.08.2018.

Supercat | New HS Ferry for Golden Star Ferries | Idle at Spanopoulos Yard Perama. 

Superspeed (ex-Krilo Eclipse) | Winter lay up, since 10.09.2018.

Megalochari (ex-Alexandros K II) | Ready to enter service, in Fourni, Ikaria, Samos lifeline.

Super Jet | Winter lay up, since 05.10.2018.

Protoporos XV | Double Ended Ferry | Under construction at Kanellos yard.

El.Venizelos | Awaiting repairs, after suffering a major fire on her car decks, on 28.08.2018.

Worldchampion Jet (ex-Villum Clausen) | New kid in Seajets block:P. Arrived in Piraeus on 19.09.2018.

Tera Jet | Sailed to Chalkis Shipyards on 02.12.2018, for drydocking, towed by Christos XIV.

Ekaterini P | Winter lay up since 08.10.2018.

Chryssi Express | Day Cruises Ship |Under overhaul.

Calypso | Day Cruises Ship |Under overhaul.

Kriti I | Under overhaul, since 30.11.2018.

Golden Bridge | New tonnage for European Seaways | Idle since 27.11.2018.

Superferry II | Winter lay up, since 23.10.2018

Blue Horizon | On drydock, since 25.11.2018.

Olympic Champion | First drydocking is over | Under overhaul since 24.11.2018. To be drydocked again on 08.12.2018.

Theologos P | Under overhaul since 06.11.2018 | To be drydocked on 17.12.2018.

Panagia Theotokos | Idle since 27.10.2018.

Flying Dolphin Erato | Under overhaul.

Flying Dolphin Chariklia | Arrived from Corfu, on 23.11.2018.

Flying Dolphin Venus I | Under overhaul.

Sea Jet 2 | Winter lay up.

Samaria I | Under overhaul

Callisto | Winter lay up.

Harmony V | On drydock, at Papilias Yard.

Salamis Filoxenia | Idle. Sold to undisclosed buyers.



Dami Idle, awaiting her fate.

Ionian Sky | Sold at auction in early March. Still languishing at Ampelaki Salamina lay up docks. 

Alkyoni Laid up.

Elli T | Laid up.

Speed Cat I | Laid up.

Aiolos Kenteris I | Laid up.

Aiolos Kenteris II | Laid up.

Lisa I | Laid up, since 04.09.2017. Sold to kefalonian interests, for further service in Pessada (Kefalonia) Scinari (Zakynthos) route.

Vitsentzos Kornaros | Laid up since 20.09.2017, after a crankshaft failure, awaiting her fate.

Glykofilousa VIII | Double Ended Ferry. Under construction.

Sea Star | Laid up. Shareholders in legal action, against each other.

Ift (ex-Swift 1) | Engines haven been removed. Ready to meet braker's torch.

Agia Zoni II | Bunker Tanker | Refloated | Awaiting her fate.

Aggelis F| Double Ended Ferry. Under construction at Panagiotakis Yard.

Ithaki Diamond | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Laid Up.

Panagia Agiasou | Awaiting her fate |Towed to Spanopoulos Yard, after having her anchor chain broken on 18.01.2018.

Taxiarchis | Towed from Lavrio to Spanopoulos Yard, on 31.07.2018. Awating her fate.

Ibn Batouta | Continuing overhaul. Towed from Turkey on 16.08.2018.

Nikitis | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Idle since 23.09.2018.

Rena S II | Idle at Agios Nikolaos docks, since 16.10.2018.

Nearchos | Under repairs at Spanopoulos Yard, after having grounded at Nea Kammeni volcanic islet, on 27.10.2018.

Flying Cat 6 | Under overhaul. Towed from Piraeus main port.

Hydra I | Towed from Trokantero Marina, Faliro, to Spanopoulos Yard. Awaiting her fate.

Andros Jet | Winter lay up.

Nanti | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Under overhaul.

Vasos K | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Under overhaul.

Lefkimmi | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Under overhaul.

Poseidonas | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Under overhaul.



Mediterranean Sky | Rusting away partly submerged.

Arsinoi | Rusting away partly submerged, at Elefsina Bay anchorage

Kamelia | Rusting away partly submerged.

Mytilene | Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage.

Penelope A | Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage. 

Evgenia P (WW II Veteran) | Rusting away, partly submerged and burnt.

Samos Spirit |Laid up. Languishing.

Blue Power | Under overhaul.

Sifnos Jet | Under overhaul. Not to be deployed this summer.

Theofilos | Languishing at Elesina Bay Anchorage | Towed from Drapetsona Repair Dock on 30.04.2018.

Portokali | Day Cruises Ship | Laid up. Summer service in Kriti (Ierapetra - Chrysi route), is over.



Sea Speed Jet Laid up.

High Speed Jet Laid up.

Ydra Cat | Laid up for ages.

Spetses Cat | Laid up for ages.

Artemis I K | Day Cruises Ship | Laid up.

Milos Round I |Day Cruises Ship | Laid up.

Saronic Round | Day Cruises Ship | Laid up.

Samos Flying Solphin I | Languishing for years, high and dry at Avlida.

Ilion | Double hull trawler, that pretends being a ferry:P. Back in life after many years of lay up at Argostoli (Kefalonia).

Grand Ferry (ex-Corse) | Sailed to Iran on 24.11.2018, after having spent a week at Piraeus anchorage.

Crown Iris (ex-Princess Iris) | Awaiting her fate.

Caldera Vista (ex-Master Jet) | Winter lay up, since 01.10.2018.

Mega Jet | Drydocking is over. Winter lay up.

Champion Jet 2 | Winter lay up.

Golden Iris | Winter lay up.



Makedon | Winter lay up, since 29.09.2018.

Odysseas | Passenger only ferry. Winter lay up.



Flying Dolphin Santa III | Laid up.

Menekratis | Landing Craft Type Ferry | Winter lay up.

Nanti | Winter lay up, since 07.10.2018.

Zanadu | Conversion in a mini  car ferry is over. Ready to enter service in Corfu - Diapontia Nissia (off shore islets) lifeline.

Nireas | Winter lay up since 27.11.2018, after having been drydocked at Panagiotakis Yard, Salamina.



Andreas Kalvos | Idle since 20.11.2018 awaiting her fate | Rumours that she will continue service in Levante Ferries livery.



Alexandra L | Idle since 23.11.2018, as Kefalonian Lines have ceased operations.



Kefalonia | Idle since 22.11.2018 | Legendary:) Ionian Sea veteran, has been sold to Levante Ferries, for further service in the same routes, under her original name.



Marina (ex-Athos II) | Winter lay up, since 18.10.2018, at Kalamaria.



Flying Poseidon | Laid up.

Symi | Winter lay up, since 12.09.2018.

Panagia Skiadeni | Winter lay up, since 12.11.2018.

Dodekanisos Express | Winter lay up, since 13.11.2018.

King Saron | Winter lay up.



Okyalos Double | Ended Ferry | Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.

Proteus | Winter lay up, since 04.11.2018.



Rigel II | Idle since 18.10.2018.



Atlantic | Laid up.



Agia Roumeli | New day cruises ship | Under conversion.



Aeolos Kenteris | Languishing at Augusta Sicily.

Makedonia | Towed to Yalova Turkey, after having been languishing for many years at Piraeus Roads | Rumours that she has already been scrapped.:blink:

Galaxy | Charter to AML is over. In service in Panteleria Trapani route, under charter to traghettidelleisole, since 08.09.2018.

Attica Group is trying to assimilate Hellenic Seaways, while Grimaldi Group, are preparing their bid for Attica Group en bloc.

Local Day Cruises boats and small ships, have started their winter lay up.

Christina O | Winter lay up, at Mesologgi.

Fior Di Levante | Rumours that has been chartered, for further deployment abroad, are fading.

Blue Star 1 | In service in ANEK-Attica Adriatic Sea routes, since 07.11.2018.

Nissos Chios | Under charter to Baleraria, once again, since 14.11.2018.

Panorama | Winter lay up at Marmari, since 29.10.2018.

Champion Jet 1 | Moored at Rafina, ready to sail to Canary Islands, under charter to Armas.





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