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The Week in Review

Nick the Greek

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Dear non-Greek speaking members and friends,


Ever since the creation of this website, our aim has been to offer an international perspective and look beyond the Greek ferry scene and its small eco-system, for the benefit of both Greek and non-Greek enthusiasts. To that end and for several years now, we have been producing our Hellas Roundup which is with you at regular intervals. Knowing how some of you go to great lengths trying to decipher and translate through google the admittedly difficult Greek language and the colloquialisms we use, we thought we'd make it easier for you and go one step further.


So we decided to experiment by producing a kind of recap of the ferry news of the week, in English, which follows in the messages below. The idea is not only to offer developments in bullet points, social-media style, but to enrich them with our commentary, behind the scenes hearsay and personal point of view which will hopefully help you get to grips with and understand better the small Asterix's village which is the Greek ferry scene.


As ever, we welcome your comments, suggestions and questions in this depository. Don't forget to browse through our gallery, the vast majority is original content and can be enjoyed without annoying watermarks.


For historical purposes and for you to judge us on what comes out to be right or wrong, here is the archive of this weekly commentary.


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Friday, November 19th, 2021


Let's round up this past week's action, it has actually been pretty interesting: 


- Again more rumours and articles in the Greek electronic press about a possible Attica deal, about a done sale etc. It's the usual articles without signature, no point in making comments unless something concrete comes out.


- News on the Ariadne and the Nissos Rodos, as of April next year it appears as if the intention is for the former to revert to the Chios - Mytilene route, while the latter will take on the role the Ariadne had last year, as a second ship in the Dodecanese, together with the Blue Star 2. The reason for the swap appears to be Nissos Rodos' bigger garage capacity. My comment here is let's see what the winter brings both in terms of the ownership status of Attica(and ANEK for that matter) but also in terms of the international charter market. I have the impression that Attica would not refuse any lucrative charter proposal, regardless of which unit in the fleet we're talking about.


- Bit of a discussion going on around the future of ANMEZ and the Dionisios Solomos in particular, if she were to lose the right to perform the subsidized sailings to the Western Cyclades she is currently performing. Rumours have surfaced about a potential interest both from Seajets and Golden Star if that were to happen. The large garage space on the ship is of particular attractiveness, at the same time her relatively modest speed of 17kn is not ideal in a very competitive environment. The interior is also nothing to write home about but of course this is the easiest thing to fix, if everything else makes sense for you as a buyer. I fancy more Seajets as a better candidate, she could fit very well in their network of subsidized services. Golden Star are fresh off their big-time move to divest, plus the Dionisios Solomos would find it very tough to compete in the Rafina to Mykonos route, primarily because of her speed.


- We will also have a new arrival in Greece, she is the Orcadia, former Saturn of Caledonian Mac Brayne. The Greek owner behind this is Creta Cargo Lines, the owner's name is Koukianakis(try pronouncing that) and they have business in West Africa which is where the former Nearchos(now Marilu) is. I understand the intention for the Orcadia/Saturn is to end up in the same area. I'm pretty sure we will see some sort of conversion on her prior to that though.


- As we discussed last week, the roro Armenistis is now in Drapetsona and currently is flying the flag of the Cook Islands. All this is condusive to a trip to the breakers, however her owners are allegedly aiming at performing a couple of spot voyages in the area or beyond, before the ship meets her maker. 


- On a similar note and as we said last week, the Altair(former Bari) is now headed towards Chittagong, Bangladesh in order to be scrapped. I know the term recycled is somehow the prevailing terminology in these situations, in my mind it does not matter as long as we are describing the same process. Again here the process of this sale makes a mockery out of EU rules and regulations.


- News about the Saonisos as well, she finally received permission to sail in specific sea conditions that were required for her previously awarded subsidized service. Problem is, this is no longer available for her. But thank God(if you're an owner that is) the Ministry is as creative and generous as ever when it comes to spending public money for the sake of closely associated to the Ministry owners, in routes that serve no particular practical purpose. And SAOS have traditionally been observed to know very well their way around the corridors of the Ministry, I am therefore optimistic that the lovely Saonisos will find a subsidized home. And the tax payers, another black hole where their money are dropped in..


- The Aqua Star is also confirmed to commence sailings from Volos to Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos as of next February. So this is where presumably we will be seeing her also next summer. A very interesting development and i'm very curious to see how this one will pan out and what this will mean for the competition in this route.


- Touching on Seajets, it has been confirmed that crew has travelled to the Caribbean area to take over their newly acquired high speed ferry. What has not been disclosed is which is this ferry. But chances are we are talking about the Croazia Jet that has been laid up in Venezuela for the last few years and has been very recently re-flagged from Venezuela to Cyprus. I know what you're all thinking, what on earth is Iliopoulos going to do with all these ferries. I don't think anyone outside Seajets has a good idea about this, even if they try to convince you of the contrary. The facts are that another abandoned high speed ferry has been snatched by Seajets, what they do with her apart from the obvious trip to Greece, is anyone's guess. The situation resembles a lot how NEL was picking up either as a purchase or as a charter, every single ferry in the market. Definitely one to watch our for.


- Check out the recently departed from Piraeus, Saga in our gallery.


- And also have a look at the Aqua Myth which is being prepared to sail from Dubai to Greece.


All the best,

Nikos, Piraeus

Edited by Nick the Greek
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