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The Week in Review

Nick the Greek

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Dear non-Greek speaking members and friends,


Ever since the creation of this website, our aim has been to offer an international perspective and look beyond the Greek ferry scene and its small eco-system, for the benefit of both Greek and non-Greek enthusiasts. To that end and for several years now, we have been producing our Hellas Roundup which is with you at regular intervals. Knowing how some of you go to great lengths trying to decipher and translate through google the admittedly difficult Greek language and the colloquialisms we use, we thought we'd make it easier for you and go one step further.


So we decided to experiment by producing a kind of recap of the ferry news of the week, in English, which follows in the messages below. The idea is not only to offer developments in bullet points, social-media style, but to enrich them with our commentary, behind the scenes hearsay and personal point of view which will hopefully help you get to grips with and understand better the small Asterix's village which is the Greek ferry scene.


As ever, we welcome your comments, suggestions and questions in this depository. Don't forget to browse through our gallery, the vast majority is original content and can be enjoyed without annoying watermarks.


For historical purposes and for you to judge us on what comes out to be right or wrong, here is the archive of this weekly commentary.


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Monday, December 28th, 2021


Been a silent couple of weeks from this spot but there wasn't really something exciting to comment upon. So rather than blab away nonsense, silence is a virtue and a sign of respect to the people who are honouring me by reading this blog-type column. Having said that, today's post marks the one year anniversary of this column hosted by Shipfriends.gr. And it's only fair that I extend my thanks to all of you who have been following and supporting this corner. I sincerely hope that after this year of reading you are a step closer towards understanding how things work in this country of wonders:rolleyes:.


This being also the last post for the year 2021, I will try to summarise very briefly what we've seen during the last 12 months. And the only word I can come up with, is disappointment. The rest of Europe is focusing on new technologies, new designs, infrastructure to support it, newbuilding projects and planning ahead for the next 30 years, in this corner of Europe we have other things in our minds. Subsidies, stopping loyalty programmes, conspiring with the Coast Guard to conceal uncomfortable moments, welcoming "new" overaged tonnage, several accidents and near misses, infrastructure which is collapsing for the most part. I mean which company could you vote for as "ferry operator of the year"? I guess Fast Ferries would clinch that just by virtue of doing nothing wrong, rather than doing something right. The thing of course is, the Greek ferry industry doesn't need only "steady Eddies". It needs a vision, new ideas, a technology leap and massive amounts of infrastructure. I think that sums the year up.


Will we see any of my wish list in 2022? Stranger things have happened but don't hold your breath. We'll be following up on this from this spot, for the time being please accept my best wishes for a healthy and brilliant year 2022!


Nikos, Piraeus

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