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Queries in English for our non-Greek speaking members.


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Lots of news about Prevelis but my Greek/English translator is not making any sense. What has happened to her? Has she been withdrawn from her route?

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ANEK Lines, owners of Prevelis and Attica Group (mother company of Blue Star Ferries), both controled by Piraeus Bank, offer a joint service in most of the Aegean an Adriatic routes for the last decade or so. Moreover there is an ongoing merger procedure, as ANEK board and shareholders have accepted an Attica offer to buyout the company, as soon as they get over with (Hellenic) Competition Commission red tape.

Blue Star Ferries, got the Karpathos & Kasos lifeline contract and Blue Star Chios is already in the route since yesterday.

Their initial plan was to deploy Prevelis in Piraeus Chios Mytilene route for a couple of weeks, as a replacement for Diagoras, but the islanders upthere:P, were not so happy with Prevelis' age and speed. Local MPs, being very concerned for their reelection chances in two weeks time, persuaded:rolleyes: Attica to keep Diagoras in the line. She will sail only for a round trip. Now news yet, for any further deployment.

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Relatively new to the industry.  Can anyone recommend your favorite shipping news site - ideally free?  I have come across a few, such as these:

https://www.tradewindsnews.com/ - good but find it too expensive

https://www.joc.com/maritime - again need to pay for this

https://www.shiporacle.com/posts - seems good but would be nice to have categories though

https://splash247.com/ - seems to be excellent source for info

Needless to say, it would be great if you could let me know what your go to news sources are? 



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