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On 9/10/2021 at 8:52 PM, Nick the Greek said:

- Before any Attica ship, the Olympus took the lead in stopping sailings for the winter, already in late August. This ship is yet another scandalous chapter in the sinful history of Greek coastal shipping, appearing only during the summer and collecting subsidies whenever these are around. Now she will let again other ships take the winter losses while the rumour concerning her is that she will be -successfully- applying for the subsidised service which the Prevelis is currently performing. A completely unsuitable ship(single rudder, no pitch) in a very demanding route. Anyway, let her be awarded the route and we have all the time in the world to bitch about this.


Be a shame for Prevelis ( and Anek) if Olympus gets this route.

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Well apart from the obvious cosmetic changes, her owners did a significant upgrade on her in order to be able to participate in tenders for subsidized services that involve sailing further away from the nearest shore. An example of that is the Stavros. These upgrades involve both technical items as well as life saving appliances.

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What is true of the rumours that Seajets is looking to deploy the recently acquired Superferry II (New name Super Star??) on a route in the Western Cyclades or on the Rhodes-Crete-Piraeus route from ANEK?

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