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Found 3 results

  1. Το πλοίο που κατασκευάζεται στα Ναυπηγεία του Γλυνου, πρόκειται για το Άννα Μαρία της εταιρείας Πρέβεζα ΙΙΙ, της οικογένειας Ιωαννίδη (το όνομα του πλοίο πρέπει να το έχει πάρει το όνομα της κόρης του) και προορίζεται για τη γραμμή Ωροπός Ερέτρια.
  2. (1967, ex-Άννα Μαρία, Κως Sky, Tήνος Sky, The Audacity of Hope) _____________________________________________________________ Ας ανοιξουμε ενα θεμα και για το ΤΗΝΟΣ ΣΚΑΙ το οποιο μεχρι το 2006 ταξιδευε σε ημερησιες εκδρομες προς Μυκονο και Δηλο Ειναι κατασκευασμενο της ναυπηγεια Χωματα στη Θεσσαλονικη.Απο το 2006 και μετα παραμενει δεμενο στο λιμανι της Τηνου και πλεον βρισκεται σε πολυ ασχημη κατασταση. Εδω μια φωτο απο το 2007 ενω υπαρχουν και μερικες ακομα στην gallery
  3. Ενα ακομη "τεκνο" της Ελλαδας,το "Boston Express" ex Σκιαθος του Νομικου,μας αφησε εδω και μερικα χρονια αλλα εφυγε χωρις το "μαρτυριο" του διαλυτη... Coast Guard sinks ship, cleans up Miami River The Coast Guard oversaw the sinking of the freight vessel Boston Express in the Miami Dumping Area of the Atlantic Ocean, at approximately 5:30 p.m. Monday. Four Coast Guard Marine Safety Office personnel from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., supervised the sinking of the vessel at the offshore Naval Dumping Site located approximately 22 miles off the coast of South Florida. The vessel was towed out to sea by a powerful tugboat where it was flooded and sank in approximately 2200 feet of water after holes were cut in the ship's hull. Before the sinking of the vessel Monday, the Boston Express had been moored in the Miami River for over six years where the Coast Guard had continuously monitored the vessel. The vessel had become a dumpsite on the river posing serious health risks to the public and risks to the safety of navigation on the South Florida waterway. Due to the associated risks involved with the vessel remaining moored in the Miami River, destruction of the vessel was deemed necessary "We are glad that we were able to dispose of this vessel. Its continued presence on the Miami River as a derelict vessel posed too great a risk to the marine environment in its untended status. This is just one of many ways the Coast Guard continues to protect our environment," said Cmdr. Donald Goldstein, acting chief of marine safety for the Seventh Coast Guard District. All hazardous materials and bulk oil was removed from the vessel prior to the sinking. The sinking of the Boston Express occurred safely without incident. -uscg-
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