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  1. What is happening to the El Venizelos? Is she going to work this Summer?
  2. I thought Fino was headed for conversion work in Piraeus but instead she has sailed to Ports in Turkey AND RUSSIA!!! and now heading for another Turkish port.
  3. What will happen to Prevelis if the ship loses her current route?
  4. I notice that Superstar is on the Lavrio to Kavala route, has Aqua Blue got more issues or has she started on a re-fit period?
  5. Any update on Aqua Myth? Seems to of been alongside in Duqm for a while now. Her new port of registry -Comoros Islands is quite often given to ships headed for the breakers, I hope not.
  6. Is the Alexo ( now named Amira Marfat) headed the breakers yard? At the moment anchored off Lesvos.
  7. Rumours about Express Pegasus has been sold for scrap, any truth in it?
  8. What is happening with Panagia Skiadeni, I see she has been moved.
  9. Has Blue Carrier 1 got mechanical issues? I see she was out on trials yesterday. She has, sorry.
  10. Why has Olympus stopped working, is it mechanical issues or low traffic?
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