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  1. For sale for €1.1 million: https://commercial.apolloduck.com/boat/commercial-vessels-ferry-fast-pax/636611
  2. Now on Kerkyra Lines' website. Passenger capacity will be 300. https://kerkyralines.com/vessel/evdokia/
  3. Now on Turyol's website: https://www.turyol.com/arac-tasimaciligi/30/1/4
  4. There was a new CAPTAIN BEN (N P 12224) built by Ocean Yard in 2019. There are photos on the Facebook pages of Captain Ben and Ocean Yard, and on Captain Ben's website: https://captainbenantiparos.com/#gallery
  5. For sale for €30 000. https://commercial.apolloduck.com/boat/commercial-vessels-cruise-ship/627353
  6. This is a photograph of the EASTERN PRINCESS at Greenwich in 1970. I think she later became the NAFTILOS in Greece. Does anyone know her history in Greece?
  7. The SEA EXPRESS was owned by Aga Boat in Norway. http://agaboat.com/vare-bater/
  8. Is Olympic Cruises now Evermore Cruises? www,evermorecruises.com
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