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  1. Delta Marine 230 is the old name. The name of the yacht is now "Z", although Golden Yachts have also issued a press release which said they were working on a project called "X" of a similar length as "Z", so probably the same yacht as "Z". No Sir, this is a different yacht.
  2. Excellent updates! Do you know which shipyard is working on BLUE DESIRE? It's great to see this project finally being completed. Was on hold since circa 2009. Best, Ralph
  3. Dear Greek shipspotting friends. Does anyone of you know more about the yacht CLEON? She was originally a Fairmile B type motor launch in the British Royal Navy, commissioned in 1941. Converted to a yacht circa 1949/1950. She had several names before becoming the Greek-owned ARIES L. It seems that in 2016/'17 she had extensive repairs and a repainting at the small shipyard Naupigeio Prasinos in Salamina. Here is the launch after the repairs: Where is she now? Still in Greece, or perhaps in Turkey (she is managed by the Turkish company Xone Superyacht apparently). Does anyone have recent
  4. MY EDEN was rebuilt from the also Greek-built CORVUS to the best of my knowledge, or is it a completely new boat?
  5. Hi all, I've been a member of Shipfriends for quite a while, but I don't post that much here. I have a question: for my work, I am researching the excursion vessel fleets in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. I read in some old studies that there should be around 600 "coastal leisure ships" in Greece (that was in 2006). Does anyone know where I can find a list of these Greek ships? Most of them do not have an IMO number, I think. thanks for any help you might be able to give! Brgds. Ralph
  6. This ship (and her sister) will probably be available for sale once Scandlines' newbuilds come into service in 2012. Would they be interesting vessels for Greek operators?
  7. I just saw pictures of this ship doing trials at sea on November 7th, so I take she was successfully moved out in the end.... Brgds. rd77
  8. Hi Nikos, I've just joined this forum, but have been enjoying four posts on yahoogroups for quite a while. Where did the ROD (ex-RODOS) go? Did she already leave for the scrappers? Brgds. Ralph
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