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  1. Hi everyone. I have a small dilemma, I am from Australia currently visiting Greece. It was my hope to sail with Superfast, but ended up with the Hellenic Spirit. I couldn't change my travel date due to prior tour commitments. So I would really like to take home some Superfast merchandise,(Hats, Shirt any thing really) but not sure if this would be attainable though an office of theirs or something. Ive messaged them twice, but no response. hoping someone can help. Kind Regards- Mitchell.
  2. Spirit of Tasmania III (Ex Superfast II) Departing Devonport Tasmania 2005.

    © Mitchell Bruce

  3. Spirit of Tasmania II breaks her moorings after big winds over 100km/h snapped 9 mooring lines whilst loading cars and passages for a night sailing. The ferry was withdrawn from service for several days for repairs to take place.

    © Mitchell Bruce

  4. A Model of the Nils Holgersson in the Bass Strait maritime museum, Devonport (Tasmania) The model came on the ship from Germany, and when it she withdrawn from service it was donated to the museum in her home port, along with some other things.
  5. Spirit of Tasmania II in Devonport, proceeding out to sea for a night sailing to Melbourne in January 2013.

    © Mitchell Bruce

  6. Spirit of Tasmania II (Ex Superfast III) shown in Melbourne after breaking 9 mooring lines in big winds. She suffered major damage to the bow ramp and was withdrawn from service for several days in peak season
  7. Spirit Of Tasmania I (Ex Superfast IV) Sailing into her home port, Devonport Tasmania. Wearing "The New" Spirit of Tasmania, to reflect her renovations.

    © Mitchell Bruce

  8. Spirit of Tasmania I (Ex Superfast IV) mid Bass Strait crossing from Devonport, Tasmania to Melbourne, Victoria. Photo taken from Spirit of Tasmania II

    © Mitchell Bruce

  9. Εδώ Είναι μΕρικές φωτογραφίΕς από το Spirit of Tasmania I (Superfast IV) μΕ drydock στο σίδνΕϊ (google Translate) Here are some photos of Spirit of Tasmania I (Superfast IV) at drydock in Sydney
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