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  1. Excellent, thank you. Is there any knowledge of why it was removed and why it was placed in a field and forgotten?
  2. I'm sure this will be covered somewhere on Shipfriends but I haven't seen it. On Salamina on the road from the church on the hill towards the bay which was the location of the ancient battle is this structure which looks to be the remains of an old ship. Does anyone know what it once was and why it has been left here?
  3. Here is a plan showing the arrangement in her final English Channel days, including the lounge below the vehicle deck (the earlier ship, Antrim Princess, had space for cows/cattle down there in the same place). The ship was given quite a large and expensive refit inside in 1984/85 and I imagine this was largely intact when sold to GA Ferries.
  4. Hello all Have there been reports on what has become of the Red Star I since she was dragged away to Turkey?
  5. I suppose I wondered if this involved ANEK having to charter an Attica ship which would seem a waste of money but perhaps they assess it over the course of a year and see what the overall balance of sailings is. Anyway, glad to see the Kriti I is back now. I'm really rather fond of those two and would be sad to see the Kriti II go for scrap. She was the last Greek ferry I sailed on, last September, (in fact she was the last ship of any kind I sailed on, as of now!) and didn't seem in particularly bad condition given she was withdrawn from service just a couple of weeks later.
  6. Is there any news of the Express Pegasus? Have they done any work to repair her since the incident last year?
  7. Is there any particular reason why the Nissos Rodos is covering the ANEK schedule to Heraklion rather than one of ANEK's own ships? Do they really not have anything else which is in a fit state for service at the moment or does the Attica/ANEK difference already not matter any more?
  8. It's always puzzled me why this happens - any idea what the logic of making these bids is? Either of these would be very good news for the fan of old Sealink train ferries It would be great for the Al Salmy 4 to make a return; I felt had a bit of life left in her when she left Greek waters as the Azoreans seemed happy enough with her turning up each summer. Then again I still bear a grudge that HSW sold the Masarrah 14 years ago when she still seemed to be well filled with passengers every summer morning so perhaps I'm not a good judge of when a ship's time has come.
  9. Is there any update on the future of the Olympus and Express Pegasus? I'd planned to catch up with both ships when I came to Greece last September but, alas, they both came out of service just before I arrived Is there any prospect of them returning in 2021?
  10. Nikos thanks as ever for your weekly updates The ANEK/Attica news is both encouraging and sad - at least it solidifies Attica's proposition but the loss of a historic and famous company like ANEK would be very sad. If they sold the Elyros that would give Attica both current Chania ships - surely ANEK wouldn't surrender their presence on that line like though?
  11. Sadly the Damla was beached yesterday Here are some pictures on board her in the final years, as Vronskiy - http://hhvferry.com/blog/?p=7045
  12. Nikos can I just say thank you so much for doing this weekly roundup - yes I've been vainly trying to translate Greek to English on here for many years but I know a lot of the nuance isn't ever quite picked up. This will aid knowledge and understanding so much for those of us who love the Greek shipping scene Not sure if you want to keep this thread clean just for your posts or if I should post on the Queries in English thread but I do have a couple of queries on the above - It's great that Arkoumanis are continuing through the winter. The Golden Bridge is a good ship and ho
  13. For all Shipfriends, pictures of a sailing on the Express Olympia: -> http://hhvferry.com/blog/?p=6506
  14. I've seen mention that there is a ΠΕΝΕΝ strike on Thursday 24th September; can anyone advise how widespread this is likely to be? I've got a booking with the Aqua Blue from Kavala to Lavrio that day and would prefer to know what is happening before going to Kavala!
  15. For ΝΟΜΙΚΟΣ & other friends, here is a picture for reference of the lower hold on the Galileusz. The Via Lugure definitely had the same space as built.
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