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  1. I've seen mention that there is a ΠΕΝΕΝ strike on Thursday 24th September; can anyone advise how widespread this is likely to be? I've got a booking with the Aqua Blue from Kavala to Lavrio that day and would prefer to know what is happening before going to Kavala!
  2. For ΝΟΜΙΚΟΣ & other friends, here is a picture for reference of the lower hold on the Galileusz. The Via Lugure definitely had the same space as built.
  3. This ship and her sister have pretty spectacular atriums on board - I hope Ventouris keep it! (from https://web.archive.org/web/20171223200420/http://www.orange-ferry.co.jp:80/ship/ship7/room.html and https://web.archive.org/web/20160822230327/http://www.orange-ferry.co.jp:80/ship/ship7/space.html)
  4. The ship has been advertised for a few weeks now as operating from 1 June in domestic service in Italy: http://www.goinsardinia.it/la-nostra-nave.html Does anyone know if she has been dry docked or prepared to sail at all?! I have a ticket for her on 9 June but am a little concerned she might not be in service in time!
  5. I found the Panagia Soumela a quite regrettable ship to sail on both as Lady of Mann and in her Greek guise, certainly one of the most regressive and backward-looking car ferries ordered in the past half century although SAOS tried their best to make her usable for their needs. At least the food was better on SAOS than on the Steam Packet! I guess we will have to agree to disagree on the merits of the Snaefell which is in reality nothing more than a generic 74m Incat.
  6. Shippax have been known, on occasion, to take information from enthusiast groups and I suspect this has happened here with a bit of misinformation from the Irish Sea side as to who the charterer were. One thing is sure - although the Snaefell is a bit of a grim ship from a generally quite grim company, she will probably prove more use than the last Steam Packet ferry which headed to Greek waters Matt
  7. Does anyone know when the Express Santorini might enter service again - and for which ship she will be covering first? Matt
  8. Does anyone know if the Duchess M is going to ever enter service this year? Last year, schedules were published and bookings were being taken but in 2009, only silence
  9. Hmmm... Nothing but the best unwanted cast-offs. Where they can re-use bits and pieces from other ships and try and squeeze a sliver of profit out before the poor old wrecks finally give up the ghost. I really have to get on the Samothraki and see if anything they pilfered off the Nisos Limnos before despatching her to the beaches has turned up on board. Speaking of SAOS, I see the Thessaloniki is looking smart in a blue livery judging by your Fakta picture. So I surmise that the proposed funky rebuild is definitely OFF. Or just postponed?
  10. Hi 'Nick'I think it's marvellous. They've finally found something useful to do with her now her IOM career is over. I can't imagine what would have happened to her had SAOS not taken this bold but necessary move - who would have wanted her as she was?!. A poorly-conceived ship that was about 25 years out of date when she was built I'm sure SAOS will have done lovely things to her interiors too
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