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Please find below a compilation of ferries,
cruise ships, fast ferries and other significant ships in the
vicinity of Piraeus categorised according to location.

The list incorporates all such ships that are not in regular service
and their whereabouts/status are not reported in the usual
ferry/cruise sailing schedules and/or port authority websites.
Next to the name of the ship, some short comments indicate
its status. Most recent changes are marked in green colour
and appear so for a number of days. For example, if a ship
sails her departure will be shown in green for a few days
and then she will be deleted.

Updating is done almost in real-time and to the best of knowledge
and ability of various members of this forum and the undersigned.
Note that updates concerning Eleusis and Lavrion due to the distance
from Piraeus are more far between. Enjoy reading!

Edited by proud_ionian

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LAST UPDATE: 17.10.2017



Hellas Liberty Former Liberty ship, in static use as a floating Museum. Plans to relocate her, under way.

Superferry Winter lay up, since 08.10.2017.

Fast Ferries Andros In service Syros Tinos Mykonos route since 02.10.2017, under charter to Blue Star Ferries, for as long as Blue Star Patmos is off duty.

Flying Cat 3. Winter lay up, since 02.10.2017.

Flying Cat 4. Winter lay up, since 02.10.2017.

Hellenic Highspeed Idle since 24.09.2017.

Highspeed 4 Idle since 24.09.2017.

Highspeed 7 Winter lay up, since 04.10.2017.

Apollon Hellas Idle since 12.10.2017.

Elyros In service in Piraeus Iraklio route, since 26.09.2017.

Nissos Samos In service in Piraeus Chios Mytilene route.

Super Jet Idle since 02.10.2017.

Super Runner Winter lay up, since 02.10.2017.



Makedonia Languishing.

Panagia Agiasou Languishing.

Agia Zoni II Bunker Tanker. Sank on 10.09.2017, full of heavy fuel, causing extensive oil pollution, to all... Athens Riviera and western Salamina, coasts.



Neraida Floating Museum. Saronic Islands veteran. Open to the public again.

Hydra I Laid up.

Cosmos Idle Summer service in Saronic Islands day Cruises is over.



Theofilos Languishing.

Anemos (ex-Moby Baby) New ferry for Portucalence SA.

Kiara (ex-Ierapetra L.) Back from drydocking, painted in blue livery. Final Stages of fitting out.

Moby Love New Ferry for Portucalence Sa, towed from Italy on 07.10.2017.

Mirtiodiotissa Winter lay up, since 25.09.2017.



Alkyon (ex-Skopelos) Languishing.

Ultracarga I (ex-Navarchos Apostolis II) Double ended ferry, sold to Ultramar Mexico. 

Ultracarga II (ex-Vasiliki K) Landing craft type ferry, sold to Ultramar Mexico.

Adamantios Korais Under overhaul, since 27.09.2017.



European Express Laid up. 

Caribbean Galaxy (ex-Minoan Lines Daedalus) Laid up/Under arrest. Last auction has been cancelled.

Kalli P Laid up. 

Talaton (ex-Lato) Laid up. Roumours that she will be used as a floating... hot spot, for incoming immigrants.

Protoporos XII Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction.

Panagia Paravouniotissa Landing Craft Type Ferry. Under Construction.

Anna Maru Laid up.

Flying Dolphin Venus I Laid up.

Saonisos Moored at Kanellos Yard since 22.07.2017, after completing successful sea trials. To be deployed, in Alexandroupoli Samothraki route, when her company cuts through red tape.

Okeanos I Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction, for Blue Line Italy.

Okeanos 2 Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction, for Blue Line Italy.

Iris Jet Under overhaul at  Spanopoulos yard, Perama.

Poseidon Hellas Idle since 12.08.2017, due to an engine failure.

Flying Dolphin 29 Under overhaul.

Ionis Continuing overhaul, after having been drydocked. Being prepared,  for further service in Piraeus Kythira Kissamos Gythio lifeline. 

Kriti II On drydock, since 13.10.2017

Nissos Chios Idle since 04.10.2017, after having spent 42months under charter to Balearia.

Ekaterini P Winter lay up since 09.10.2017. Many rumours on her future.

Andros Jet New HS Ferry for Seajets. Under overhaul.

Blue Power (ex-Almottahedah 1) New HS Ferry for Seajets. Under overhaul

Tera Jet Winter lay up, since 02.10.2017.

Galaxy Sailing Winter lay up, since 15.10.2017..



Corse Idle, continuing overhaul.

Dami Idle, awaiting her fate.

Ionian Sky Laid up.

Alkyoni Laid up.

Elli T Laid up.

Speed Cat I Idle. Plans to return in Piraeus Saronic Islands routes, for 2017 season, proved to be mere rumours.

Aiolos Kenteris I Laid up.

Aiolos Kenteris II Laid up.

Theocharis Maria L Double Ended Ferry. Under construction.

Glykofiloussa IV Double Ended Ferry. Under construction.

Med Star Idle, after a serious engine room fire.

Orion II Double ended ferry, launched on 02.08.2017. Final stages of fitting out. Already sold to Ultramar Mexico. TBR Ultracarga III.

Northern Sea Wolf (ex-Aqua Spirit) New BC Ferries tonnage, for further service in Port Hardy - Bella Coola summer route. Being prepared for her overseas crossing, at Spanopoulos Yard. Drydocking is over.

Lisa I Under overhaul, since 04.09.2017.

Symi II Winter lay up, at Mpekris Yard.

Agia Marina Aeginis Winter lay up.

Vitsentzos Kornaros Idle Towed from Perama repair docks, on 20.09.2017.

Theologos V II Double Ended Ferry. Under construction.

Glykofilousa VIII Double Ended Ferry. Under construction.

Evaggelos S Double Ended Ferry. Under construction.

Nanti Landing craft type ferry. Under overhaul, since 11.10.2017.

Rena S II Winter lay up, since 16.10.2017.

Ionion Pelaggos Under overhaul.

Sea Star Continuing overhaul. 

Vikentios Damodos Landing Craft Type ferry, under overhaul.



Mediterranean Sky Rusting away partly submerged.

Arsinoi Rusting away partly submerged, at Elefsina Bay anchorage

Kamelia Rusting away partly submerged.

Mytilene Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage.

Penelope A Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage. 

Evgenia P (WW II Veteran,) Rusting away, partly submerged and burnt.

Betico New purchase for Seajets.

Samos Spirit Laid up. Languishing.

Swift 1 New kid on the block, for Seajets.

Minerva Under overhaul, since 06.10.2017. Probably sold to, undisclosed interests.

Naxos Jet. Idle. Occasional sea trials.

Blue Star Patmos Under Repairs, at Elefsis Shipyards, since 21.09.2017.



Battleship Averof | Floating Museum Towed from Faliro/Piraeus on 07.10.2017, for National Day (26.10.2012/28.10.1940) celebrations.



Bari Under overhaul, since 12.09.2017. Sail back to Albania, to resume service.

RIigel II Winter lay up, since 16.09.2017.



Zefyros Idle.



Taxiarchis Laid up.

Issham Al Baher Laid up, for ages.

Makedon Winter lay up, since 02.10.2017.



Sea Speed Jet Laid up.

High Speed Jet Laid up.

Dream Under major refit for... ages.

Mega Jet Winter Lay up. Summer charter to Atlantico Line, is over.

Master Jet Winter Lay up. Summer charter to Atlantico Line, is over.



Ionian Sun Day Cruises Craft Idle

F/D Chariklia Idle.

Agia Theodora Idle since 18.09.2017. Under ovehaul

Nikolaos Back from drydocking at Piraeus. Idle since 28.09.2017

Christa Day Ferry -Jet Craft Idle since 14.10.2017.



Protoporos XI Double Ended Ferry Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.

Okyalos Double Ended Ferry Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.

Anax Double Ended Ferry Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.



Atlantic New kid on the block.



Chania III Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Black Pearl Winter lay up

El.Venizelos Back in service in Piraeus Chania route.



Gramvoussa Isle since 12.102017.



Delfini Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Dimosthenis Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Dimosthenis K Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Menia Maria Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Mare di Levante Back in service.

Andreas Kalvos Idle since 16.10.2017



Nidri Star I Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Nidri Star II Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Nidri Star III Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Eptanissos Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Ikaros Palace Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.

Macedonia Paace Day Cruises Ship | Winter lay up.



Vastervik Still idle at Igoumenitsa

Nikitis Landing Craft Type Ferry. Idle at Thassos. Reactivation imminent.

Duba Bridge (ex-Bridge) Sold to Egyptian interests.

Af Michela (ex-Stena Ergeria) Chartered by Adria Ferries, for further service in Ancona Durres, route.

Nissos Rodos Sailed from Perama to Messina on 14.10.2017, under charter to Caronte & Tourist.

Ariadne Sailed from Perama to Genoa on 08.10.2017, under charter to GNV.

Krilo Eclipse New HS Ferry, for Golden Star Ferries.

Karolin New HS Ferry, for Golden Star Ferries.

Paros Jet In service in Iraklio Santorini route.

Attica Group will buy out 50,3% off Hellenic Seaways, now owned by Piraeus Bank and their allies.




Edited by proud_ionian

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