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Please find below a compilation of ferries,
cruise ships, fast ferries and other significant ships in the
vicinity of Piraeus categorised according to location.

The list incorporates all such ships that are not in regular service
and their whereabouts/status are not reported in the usual
ferry/cruise sailing schedules and/or port authority websites.
Next to the name of the ship, some short comments indicate
its status. Most recent changes are marked in green colour
and appear so for a number of days. For example, if a ship
sails her departure will be shown in green for a few days
and then she will be deleted.

Updating is done almost in real-time and to the best of knowledge
and ability of various members of this forum and the undersigned.
Note that updates concerning Eleusis and Lavrion due to the distance
from Piraeus are more far between. Enjoy reading!

Edited by proud_ionian

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LAST UPDATE: 09.07.2017



Hellas Liberty Former Liberty ship, in static use as a floating Museum. Plans to relocate her, under way.



Makedonia Languishing.

Panagia Agiasou Languishing.

Maestro Sun Awaiting orders.



Neraida Floating Museum. Saronic Islands veteran. Open to the public again.

Hydra I Laid up.

Platytera Ton Ouranon Laid up.



Theofilos Languishing.

Saonisos Drydocking in Piraeus Vasiliadis minor drydock, is over. Ready for summer service, in Alexandroupoli Samothraki route, when her company cuts through red tape.



Alkyon (ex-Skopelos) Languishing.

Dionisios Solomos Back from drydocking on Perama Larger drydock. Final stages of fitting out, in order to enter service in Piraeus - Western Cyclades route, on 17.07.17

Ultracarga I (ex-Navarchos Apostolis II) Double ended ferry, sold to Ultramar Mexico. 

Vasiliki I (TBR Ultracarga) Landing craft type ferry, sold to Ultramar Mexico.



European Express Laid up. 

Caribbean Galaxy (ex-Minoan Lines Daedalus) Laid up.

Aqua Jewel Sold to Seajets, as a replacement of Aqua Spirit. First, successful, seatrials on 08.07.2017.

Kalli P Laid up. 

Protoporos XIII Double ended ferry, under construction. Launched on 18.06.2017.

Orion II Double ended ferry, under construction.

Michalakis III Landing craft type ferry, under construction. Launched on 17.06.2017.

Talaton (ex-Lato) Laid up. Owned by Iliopoulos family (Sea Jets).

Anna Maru Laid up.

Flying Dolphin Venus I Laid up.

Vitsentzos Kornaros Idle since 22.06.2017, after having suffered crankshaft failure.  Future uncertain.

Kiara (ex-Ierapetra L.) Being drydocked on Perama Larger Drydock, since 07.07.2017.



Styra Diamond Under Overhaul. TBR Ithaki Diamond, for summer service as a cargo ferry in Sami (kefalonia) - Pisaetos (Ithaki) - Astakos route.

Corse Idle, under overhaul.

Dami Idle, awaiting her fate.

Ionian Sky Laid up.

Alkyoni Laid up.

Elli T Laid up.

Speed Cat I Expected to return in Piraeus Saronic Islands routes, for 2017 season.

Aiolos Kenteris I Laid up.

Aiolos Kenteris II Laid up.

Ionis Idle. Charter by Leve Ferries ended in an acrimonious dispute with owners.

Stavros N Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction.

Theocharis Maria L Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction.

Glykofiloussa IV Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction.

Panagiotis D Double Ended Ferry. Under Construction. 

Sea Star Under overhaul, at Spanopoulos Yard. Sold to a consortium of Rodian and Turkish intersts, after a... long lay up.

Naxos Jet Being drydocked at Spanopoulos Yard. Expected to serve as a stand by vessel, for Seajets, during 2017 season.

Zeus Landing Craft Type Ferry. Under overhaul at Bekris yard. Sold back to Greece, after many years in Italian domestic routes.

Med Star Idle, after a serious engine room fire.



Mediterranean Sky Rusting away partly submerged.

Arsinoi Rusting away partly submerged, at Elefsina Bay anchorage

Kamelia Rusting away partly submerged.

Mytilene Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage.

Penelope A Laid up, at Elefsina Bay anchorage.

Evgenia P (WW II Veteran,) Rusting away, partly submerged and burnt.

Betico New purchase for Seajets.

Samos Spirit Laid up. Languishing.

Swift 1 New kid on the block, for Seajets.



Battleship Averof | Floating Museum Being drydocked.



Taxiarchis Laid up.

Issham Al Baher Laid up, for ages.



Sea Speed Jet Laid up.

High Speed Jet Laid up.

Dream Under major refit for... ages.



Ionian Sun Day Cruises Craft Idle

F/D Chariklia Idle.

Agios Spyridon Idle, since 19.04.2017. Expected reactivation on 13.07.2017.

Kerkyra Express Back from drydocking in Piraeus Vassiliadis drydock. Ready to resume service in Kerkyra Igoumenitsa route.



Protoporos X Double ended ferry under construction, at Amaliapolis yard, near Volos. Launched on 24.06.2017.

Protoporos XI Double Ended Ferry Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.

Okyalos Double Ended Ferry Under construction at Amaliapolis yard near Volos.



Rigel I Sailed to Igoumenitsa on 06.07.2017. Already in service.



Porto Gramvousa Day Cruises ship. Ready for 2017 season.

Chryssi Express Day Cruises ship. Ready for 2017 season.

Mpalos Day Cruises ship. Ready for 2017 season.

Atlantic (ex-Atlantis) New kid on the block.



Vastervik Idle at Igoumenitsa. Piraeus Bank, has sold her to Africa Morocco Link.

Aqua Spirit Sold to BC Ferries, for further service in Port Hardy - Bella Coola summer route. TBD after 2017 summer season. 

Galaxy In service at Igoumenitsa Corfu Brindisi route, since 07.07.2017.

Eptanisos Day Cruises ship. Back in service since 30.06.2017, offering day cruises to Kefalonia and Ithaca, with Nydri (@Lefkada) being her homeport.

Pelagitis Charterd by Blue Star Ferries, as a replacement for Med Star.

Samothraki I New Passenger Boat, for Alexandroupoli Samothraki route.

Rafina | Fierce competition among, Golden Star Ferries, Fast Ferries and Seajets, leads to very low ticket prices to Tinos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Santorini.

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