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  1. Hello fellow cruisers, I was wondering if anyhone has news about Vitzentzos Kornaros - I would like to book a trip for July but it's still not possible. Even June is not open. Thank you, Dominik
  2. Thank you very much for your answer!
  3. Hi all, Does anyone of you know if the published timetable for Nissos Samos (Start at 17/6) is realistic? It seems there is still a lot of work necessary... Moreover, HSW has pubslished the timetable for Lavrio - Limnos - Kavala route with Express Pegasus during July-August. Two of the 4 departures per week are not open for bookings yet. Does anyone know what the reason could be? Thank you, Dominik
  4. Thanosp, thank you very much for your swift reply Hopefully they will update their website soon. Kind regards, Dominik
  5. Kalispera, Does anybody know, if HSW will offer ferry service between Lavrio - Limnos and Kavala also after end of January? According to their website ferry schedule will end at 1st of February: https://hellenicseaways.gr/routes/view/39 Thank you, Dominik
  6. Hi proud_ionnian, Thank you for your reply, any chance to see her in service this summer or hardly possible? Kind regards, Dominik
  7. Hello, Does anybody know why Kriti I is taking over Elyros timetable to Chania instead of El Venizelos? Has she a problem? Thank you, Dominik
  8. Thank you very much - I'll keep my fingers crossed to see her back during summer on the Crete route Kind regards, Dominik
  9. Hi all, Does anybody have news regarding the charter of Elyros to Algerie Ferries? Will El Venizelos replace her on the Piraeus - Chania route? Thank you, Dominik
  10. Ikarus

    Minoan Lines

    You can find the timetable for the winter period on: http://www.exposa.de/faehrpreislisten/minoan-winterfahrplan-09-10.pdf it is from a german website. Minoan will use from 01.11 - 06.01 only one ship on the venice line. It is said that Cruise Europa will not offer Camping on Board, which mean not an advantage for Minoan Lines. Many people from Germany or Austria (traveling with a caravan) will probably book Anek or Superfast.
  11. Yassas, The Cruise Europa is listed in the booking engine from openseas. Tomorrow the Europa Palace will go to Venice and the Cruise Europa will leave Patras on 15.10 at 17:00. On Minoan's Website there is a picture at the top of the site.
  12. Hello, The German automobile club "ADAC" made this year a test of greek ferries. They tested: - Ionian King - Sophocles V - Theologos P - Lato - Theofilos - Superferry II - Prevelis - Mytilene - Aqua Jewel - Vitsentzos Kornaros - Penelope A - Phivos - Nefeli - Sardinia Vera The winner of the test was the Ionian King which good the best mark, the worst was the Sardinia Vera. Here you can find the german website: if you need help to translate, feel free to ask me http://www.adac.de/Tests/Mobilitaet_und_Reise/faehrentest_2009/faehrentest_2009.asp?TL=2# Kindest Regards, Dominik
  13. Kali Spera, Thank you for the comment to my question. I am really suprised about this mistake of the booking system. I have another question: Today I checked the Endeavor Lines Website and I noticed that on the timetables the Erotokritos T. will arrive at the port of Igoumenista at 2:00 but the disembarkation is at 6:00. Does anybody know of what reason? Best wishes, Dominik
  14. Hello, Is it possible that Minoan Lines offer a "new" line from Ancona to Corfu? Because i checked openseas.gr and found that for on 20/7/09 Olympia Palace will call at the port of Corfu and then she will go to Igoumenitsa and after that to Patras. This is also listed in Minoan Lines Booking Engine, but it is not possible to book. On 21/7/09 she will also call at Corfu at 01:00 and will then go to Ancona. Europa Palace will also call at the port of Corfu. So what could that mean? Best regards, Dominik
  15. Hello, I am from Austria and cannot write greek letters, so I hope it is okay to replay you in english. May you are interested so see some interior pics of Superfast XII Here ist the link: http://ferries.fotopic.net/c1557695.html And thank you for all the interesting information, which I get from that forum Best wishes, Dominik